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2009   "The Visual Word", Exhibition Catalogue, Coastline Community College, Costa Mesa, CA
2007   Heroes, Paramount Network Productions
Brothers Solomon, Paramount Networks Productions
Manchild, Paramount/HBO Productions
Daniella Walsh, Riviera, “Art Attack!, March
Sylvere Lotringer,  David Wojnarowicz: A Definitive History of Five or Six Years on the Lower East Side
2006   Worst Week of My Life,  Paramount Studios Productions
How I Met Your Mother, Paramount Studios Productions
2005/6   Six Feet Under, HBO Series
Wildlife, HBO Studio Productions
2005/4   Judging Amy,  Network Series
Daniella Walsh, “Art About Town”, Riviera Magazine, October
2003   King of Queens, Paramount Studios Productions
Charmed, Network Series
Mercy Hospital, HBO Series
I’m With Her, ABC Network Series
2000   For the Love of the Game,  Kevin Costner/Paramount Studios
Roberta Carasso, Laguna News Post, “Art Waves”, August 24
1999   Timothy Greenfield-Sanders,  Art Forum “East Side Stories”, October       
1993   Mark Smith, "Arti-fact", exhibition catalogue, "Art For Life's Sake", AIDS Service Foundation, Irvine, CA
1989   Anne Telford, "Terrain", Home and Garden Magazine, August
1988   Oakland Tribune, "Out of Gas",  April 15
Anne Hurley, "Critic's Choice", San Francisco Bay Guardian, May 11   
1987   Leah Ollman "At the Galleries", Los Angeles Times, 'Living' Dec. 4
Judith Christensen, "Business as Usual", Artweek, Dec. 12
Robert L. Pincus, "Is Installation Exhibit an End-of-Age Art?"
The San Diego Union and Evening Tribune, Nov. 22
1986   Jane Bauman, "Cigarettes", Effects - Magazine for New Art Theory, edited by Collins and Milazzo
1985   Carlo McCormick, "Poptometry", Artforum, Nov.
Morgens Breyen, Thomas Solomon, Carlos McCormick, "A Brave New World - A New Generation", exhibition catalogue, Charlottenborg Press, Copenhagen, Denmark
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1984   Collins and Milazzo, "Natural Genre", exhibition catalogue, Florida State University Publications, Tellahassee, FL
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New York Beat, "Review", April
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1983   Jane Bauman, Red Tape, Illustrations, Fall
1980   Thomas Albright, The San Francisco Chronicle, Jan. 28
1978   Ceramics Monthly, "Jane Bauman - A Photo Essay", June
1977   Jim Pomeroy, "The Annual", exhibition catalogue, San Francisco Art Institute Publications, SF, CA



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