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2010   DDR Projects, "Looking into the Sun", Long Beach, CA
2009   GoRilla! Gallery, “Strange Places, Familiar Faces”, Santa Ana, CA
C.A.P. Gallery, Wells Fargo Bank, “The Bank Job”, Laguna Beach, CA
Crussell Fine Arts Eichler Gallery, “250”, Orange, CA
The Box Gallery, “Four Pillars”, Costa Mesa, CA
2008   Chapman University’s Guggenheim Gallery, “Beyond Abstraction”, Orange, CA
Coastline Community College Gallery, “Faculty Show”, Huntington Beach, CA
2007   At Space Gallery, “Voyage”, Santa Ana, CA
Peter Wright Art, “Terrain”, Palm Springs, CA
2006   Coastline Community College Gallery, “Faculty Show”, Huntington Beach, CA
2004   Turner Carroll Gallery, “Works on Metal”, Santa Fe, NM
Square Blue Gallery, “Benefit”, Costa Mesa, CA
Huntington Beach Library, “Exquisite Corpse”, Huntington Beach, CA
Coastline Community College Gallery, “Collaboration”, Santa Ana, CA
2003   Square Blue Gallery, “On the Surface”, Newport Beach, CA
Coast College Faculty Exhibition, Santa Ana, CA
2002   Coastline Community College Gallery, “Narrative”, curated by Jay Sagan, Santa Ana, CA
2001   Terrain Gallery, “Of Nearby Stars and Distant Suns” San Francisco, CA
2000   Breeden Gallery, “Text” curated by Jay Sagen, Orange, CA
Laguna Museum Sales and Rental Gallery, Laguna CA
1999   Breeden Gallery, “Pulp Art – Works on Paper”, Orange, CA
Coastline Community College Faculty Art Exhibition, Costa Mesa, CA
1997   Terrain Gallery,  "Jane Bauman, Elizabeth Gomez, Peter Solymosi", San Francisco, CA
Breeden Gallery, "Sample", Orange CA
Cypress College Art Gallery, "Portrait", Cypress CA
1996   Terrain Gallery, "Oscar Wilde", San Francisco, CA
1995   Breeden Gallery, "Paint", Orange, CA
Bank of America Corporate Gallery, "Zoo-ology", Costa Mesa, CA
1994   Coastline Commuunity College Faculty Show, curated by Jay Sagen, Costa Mesa,  CA
Breeden Gallery,  "Between the Lines", Orange, CA
1993   The Works Gallery, "Revolution", curated by Stuart Katz, Costa Mesa, CA
The Irvine Marketplace, "Art For Life's Sake", Irvine, CA
Terrain, "Etonne Moi", San Francisco, CA
Terrain, "Dark Star", San Francisco, CA
1992   Terrain, "Jane Bauman/Cherie Raciti", San Francisco, CA
Terrain, "Harlequin", San Francisco, CA
1991   Modern Museum of Art, California Perspectives", Santa Ana,
Hydrangea Gallery, Newport, RI
1990   Terrain, "Light, Spirit, Dream", San Francisco, CA
Terrain/Grace Cathedral, "A.M.D.G.", San Francisco, CA
1989   Santa Clara University Art Gallery, Santa Clara, CA
Terrain, "Guerrilla (Girls)", San Francisco, CA
1988   Media, "Corporate Crime/Malicious Mischief", curated by
Armando Rascon, San Francisco, CA
1987   San Francisco Arts Commission Gallery, "Retrospectacle",
curated by Carlos McCormick, San Francisco, CA
E.M. Donahue Gallery, "Red Tape", NYC, NY
1986   PS 122 Gallery, "May Day Art", NYC,NY
CEPA, "Spiritual America", curated by Collins and Milazzo, Buffalo, NY
Nico Smith Gallery, "Stencils at Nico Smith", curated by Ground Zero, NYC, NY
MO David Gallery, "Payola", NYC, NY
Vorpal Gallery, "New York/New Work", San Francisco, CA
New York Academy of Art, "Liberty Collection", curated by the Cooper-Hewitt Museum, NYC, NY
Musee du Cloitre Des Cordeliers, "Liberty Project", curated by Osiris Publications, Paris, France
Barney's, "The Embellishment of the Statue of Liberty", benefit for Cooper-Hewitt Museum, NYC, NY   
1985   Charlottenborg, "A Brave New World - A new Generation", curated by Tom Solomon, Copenhagen, Denmark
Post Masters Gallery, "Paravision", curated by Collins and Milazzo, NYC, NY
Holly Solomen Gallery, "Selected Artists From the East Village", NYC, NY
Wunsch Art Center, "Pressure Point", curated by Marsha Hanley, Glen Cove, NY
White Columns, "The New Capital", curated by Collins and Milazzo, NYC, NY
The Center for Contemporary Art, "Neo York/Seattle", Seattle, WA
The London Art Fair, Civilian Warfare Gallery, London, GB
Los Angeles Contemporary Exhibitions. "Emblem", curated by Cam Slocum, LA, CA
1984   Florida State University Fine Arts Gallery, "Natural Genre", curated by Collins and Milazzo, Tallahassee, FL
The Zurich Art Forum, Zurich, Switzerland
Anna Freibe Gallery, "East Village/New York", Cologne, Germany
University Art Museum, "Neo-York", University of California, Santa Barbara, CA
Kenkelaba House, "Chill Out", curated by Steven Kaplan, NYC, NY
Andre Emmerich Gallery, "East Village Art", Zurich, Switzerland
The Fay Gold Gallery, "Encounter - Cologne, Berlin, New York", Atlanta, GA
The Richmond Museum of Fine Arts, "East Village Artists", Richmond, VA
Civilian Warfare Gallery, "25,000 Sculptures",  NYC, NY
The Newport Harbor Art Museum, "East Village Art", Newport Beach, CA
Gallery Engstrum, "Twelve Women From New York", Stockholm, Sweden
P.S. 1 Gallery, "Limbo", curated by Carlos McCormick, Long Island City, NY
Public Image Gallery, "Private Lives", curated by Scott Rossi, NYC, NY
Tower Gallery, "Avenue C by the Sea", curated by Limbo Gallery, Southhampton, NY
Mission Gallery, Euthanasia", NYC, NY
The Palladium. "The East Village Art Collection", curated by Caroline Newhouse, NYC, NY
1983   Niveau Gallery, "East Village Art ", NYC, NY
Ten On Eight, "100 Artists Show",  NYC, NY
American Graffitti Gallery, "The Best of the East Village", Amsterdam, Holland                         
Public Image Gallery, "The Stranger Show", NYC, NY
1982   White Columns, "Speed Trails", curated by Tom Paine, NYC, NY
ABC No Rio, "The Body Show", NYC, NY
The Dana Reich Gallery, San Francisco, CA
1980   Walter McBean Gallery, "MFA Exhibition", San Francisco Art Institute, SF, CA
1978   California College of Art's and Crafts, "Exchange", Oakland, CA
1977   Fort Mason Art Center, "The Annual", curated by the San Francisco Art Institute,  SF, CA
The Diego Rivera Gallery, San Francisco Art Institute, SF, CA



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